Training Videos

As part of the Fall 2013 Direct Care Workers Conference, Ange Dickson Finn, an EFT Practitioner and owner of Tap Into Yourself (, performed a Care for the Caregiver well-being training with conference participants.   

Below are three videos that comprise the 45-minute training led by Ms. Finn, both as a refresher for conference participants and also as a demonstration of one of the types of trainings that occurs during the conference.  Other trainings from the Fall Conference included Serving Seniors with Epilepsy, Sharpening Your Tools for Dementia Care, Safe Transfer Training in the Home, and Making the Most of Your Dollar

The Care for the Caregiver videos below are numbered sequentially (1, 2, and 3) and are intended to be viewed in that order.

1) CFE Caregiver Tapping EFT Video 1

2) CFE Caregiver Tapping EFT Video 2

3) CFE Caregiver Tapping EFT Video 3

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