Flexible Funding Pool

The purpose of the Flexible Funding Pool (FFP) is to enable older adults to live with optimum health, safety, and dignity through support from case managers, enhanced information and referral staff, and agencies with resources to purchase critical goods or services for which community resources are limited, insufficient or inappropriate.  The FFP is utilized as the funding source of last resort to address critical unmet needs of enhanced clients served through the Care for Elders Access Network.

FFP resources are intended to meet urgent unmet clients needs, especially those that pose a threat to the client's health and/or well-being and for which no current community resources within the time frame necessary by that client's particular situation. Similarly, FFP funds are intended to address needs that add a significant benefit to the client's health and/or well-being.

For a report on utilization of the Flexible Funding Pool, click here.

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Last Updated on 10/28/13
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