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Organizations Addressing the Issues that Impact the Direct Care Workforce

Better Jobs Better Care is a 4-year $15.5 million research and demonstration program, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and The Atlantic Philanthropies. The program seeks to achieve changes in long-term care policy and practice that help to reduce high vacancy and turnover rates among direct care staff across the spectrum of long-term care settings and contribute to improved workforce quality.

Founded in November 1998, the Direct Care Alliance (DCA) is working to improve the quality of care for consumers through the creation of higher quality jobs and working conditions for direct-care paraprofessional workers. The DCA promotes recognition that direct-care paraprofessionals are the foundation of good care, particularly for long-term care clients. The coalition is working together to find ways to improve the quality of jobs for frontline caregivers.

PHI works to improve the lives of people who need home or residential care- by improving the lives of the workers who provide that care. The goal of PHI is to ensure caring, stable relationships between consumers and workers, so that both may live with dignity, respect and independence. PHI's programs activities develop recruitment, training, supervision, and client-centered caregiving practices- along with public policies necessary to support those practices.

PHI PolicyWorks is a national strategy center working to strengthen the direct-care workforce and prepare our nation to care for a growing population of elders and people with disabilities by promoting effective national and state policy solutions.

The National Direct Service Workforce (DSW) Resource Center supports efforts to improve recruitment and retention of direct service workers who help people with disabilities and older adults to live independently and with dignity. The DSW Resource Center is funded and supported by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) under the U.S. Department for Health and Human Services.

The National Clearinghouse on the Direct Care Workforce is a national on-line library for people in search of solutions to the direct-care staffing crisis in long-term care. A project of the Paraprofessional Healthcare Institute (PHI), the Clearinghouse includes government and research reports, news, issue briefs, fact sheets, and other information on topics such as recruitment, career advancement supervision, workplace culture, and caregiving practices.

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