The Access Network
Giving older adults more options, choices and control in their lives

The Access Network begins at the 2-1-1 Texas/United Way Helpline, a well-known entry point for resource information and is formally linked to 13 additional senior service organizations providing enhanced information and referral services, benefits counseling and case management.  Older adults and caregivers will find support from these partner organizations as they navigate the long-term care system and access needed services.

Other critical components of the Access Network include:

  • a flexible funding pool to address urgent clients needs
  • the support of a field specialist who helps clients with tasks like completing service applications and gathering eligibility documents
  • community organizations deputizing partners to complete applications for service
  • practice enhancements provided through interventions and training to better serve clients

For a diagram that shows the key functions and partners involved in the Access Network, click here.

For the Care for Elders Year in Review E-Report FY 2012-2013, click here.

For a report on the Access Network's FY 2009-2010 accomplishments, click here.

For a report on the Access Network's FY 2008-2009, click here.

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