Consumer Advisory Council


The older adults and family caregivers that serve on the Consumer Advisory Council (CAC) provide input to inform the partnership's work based on first-hand experience with the long-term care system. The women and men involved in the CAC are dynamic, outspoken, and leaders in our community.

The CAC meets on a quarterly basis. Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, April 30, 2014 at the United Way of Greater Houston from 11:30am-1:00pm.

If you are interested or know of an older adult that would like to serve on this Council, please contact Josh Reynolds at  or 713-685-2437.


2014 Consumer Advisory Council Members

Ms. Linda R. Adams
Exxon Mobil Retiree, Community Volunteer

Ms. Edith May Clark

Ms. Brenda Dogan
Retired Nurse, Family Caregiver, Church and Community Volunteer

Ms. Emma Fobbs
Senior Director for Golden Ages at Smyrna SDA Church

Ms. Susan Giesecke
Retired Teacher, Certified Financial Planner

Ms. Karen Huang
Community Volunteer, Participant on Senior Training Job Program at Chinese Community Center

Ms. Joyce Jordan
Red Cross Advisory Board Civil Club

Ms. Beverly Lewis
Retired Nurse, Community Volunteer

Ms. Estel McClinton

Ms. Rita Mermelstein

Mr. Vincent S. Moreno

Community Volunteer, WW II Veteran, Grandfather- Great Grandfather

Mrs. Margarita Moreno
Church and Community Volunteer, Grandmother- Great Grandmother

Mr. Paul Myers
Senior Companion Volunteer

Mr. Gary Nakamura
Marketing Consultant, Family Caregiver, Community Volunteer

Ms. Sandi Newkirk

Ms. Dolores Nowaski

Ms. Barbara Phifer

Ms. Mary Roberts

Ms. Angelene Tarver
Central Service Technician Retiree, Church Volunteer, Grandmother - Great Grandmother

Ms. Cordelia Tennarse
Caregiver, Church worker, Grandmother - Great Grandmother

Ms. Dolores N. Torres
LVN, Semi-Retired Nurse, Community Volunteer, Head of Senior Group at Queen of Peace and in charge of activities for seniors

Ms. Mollie Washington

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