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Healthy IDEAS is a service delivery model that extends the reach of current community based aging services by integrating depression awareness and self-management interventions into existing case management programs. As one of the Administration on Aging "Evidence-based Prevention Programs for Older Adults", Healthy IDEAS uses evidence-based practice to identify and address depression symptoms in those most at risk of being unrecognized and under-treated for depression.


Published Outcomes Article

Healthy IDEAS: A Depression Intervention Delivered by Community-Based Case Managers Serving Older Adults, Journal of Applied Gerontology 2007 26: 139-156. Louise M. Quijano, Melinda A. Stanley, Nancy J. Petersen, Banghwa Lee Casado, Esther H. Steinberg, Jeffrey A. Cully, and Nancy L. Wilson

Published Implementaion Article
Healthy IDEAS: Implementation of a Depression Program Through Commumity-Based Case Management, The Gerontologist 2008 48 (6): 828-838. Banghwa L. Casado, Louise M. Quijano, Melinda A. Stanley, Jeffrey A. Cully. Esther H Steinberg, and Nancy L. Wilson




Healthy IDEAS is a national model with measurable results and demonstrated benefits for older adults, service providers and community mental/behavioral health practitioners.


For Older Adults:

·         Fewer symptoms of depression

·         Decreased physical pain

·         Better ability to recognize and self-treat symptoms

·         Improved well-being through achievement of personal goals


For Service Providers:

·         Expanded capacity to address depression

·         Better communication and stronger partnerships with mental health


·         Opportunity to deliver a proven, successful program that addresses critical

          client needs

·         Improved staff knowledge and confidence in helping clients


For Community Mental/Behavioral Health Partners:

·         Increased opportunity to work with diverse populations of older adults

·         Strengthened connections to community agencies

·         Greater opportunity to reach and help underserved older adults


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