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  Healthy IDEAS
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Care for Elders, as champions of expanding evidence-based programming and the availability of mental health services implemented Healthy IDEAS (Identifying Depression, Empowering Activities for Seniors), an evidence-based program designed to detect depression and reduce the severity of depressive symptoms among community-dwelling older adults.  Healthy IDEAS, brings together community service providers, the mental/behavioral health community and healthcare practitioners to achieve significant benefits for older adults and their families.

Healthy IDEAS has been successfully integrated into the case management practice in 23 states, reaching elders with underserved mental health needs and at high risk for depression, i.e. Immigrant Hispanic populations and older women of all racial backgrounds living on low income.
Care for Elders and Baylor College of Medicine manage the dissemination of Healthy IDEAS to potential adopters.

Addressing Depression in Older Adults: Replication and Technical Assistance Information 
Healthy IDEAS is intended to become embedded in the organizations" existing case management practice or caregiver support program. This document describes the technical assistance provided by Care for Elders.

Discussion Questionnaire regarding Implementing Healthy IDEAS 
These questions assist community aging service providers and other partnering organizations to begin a discussion regarding readiness to implement Healthy IDEAS.

As a first step to help your organization and Healthy IDEAS determine your organization's readiness to implement Healthy IDEAS, we ask that you complete the online readiness survey on our website.   Click here to take the Healthy IDEAS Readiness Assessment.  This survey takes about 30 minutes and you will receive an instant report once the survey is submitted.

For more information contact us at HealthyIDEAS@careforelders.org

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Last Updated on 4/23/14
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